Thursday, 6 September 2012

        Right, so we've returned to Bishkek as planned, even half a day early. Everything went exceptionally well, apart from the weather, which was mostly good. First things seconds though.... everyone's alive, well and healthy (ish). Equipment performed well, food got mostly eaten.
        Travel to Kokshaal-Too went mostly without hitches (Ural in, Gaz out- not exactly as planned, but you can't help availability). Walk in was long, climbing excellent. A couple of suspected first ascents and a number of new routes as well as a few attempts that didn't get as far as would be nice, mostly due to poor snow.

FA-Uigur (4979), Eagle Traverse, Ronan & Conor, (~D)
FA- Peak 4892 (Ice Dragonfly), North Flank and East Ridge, Alek & Vlad, (~AD)
FA (ish) Peak 5102 (Moonlight Arete), Conor & Ronan (~D)
West Ridge of Ice Dragonfly (Butterflies and Hurricanes)Bradley, Vlad, Alek & Azwan (~D)
North Face (mostly) of Pony (Broken Pony), Alek & Vlad, (~D)
East Summit of Peak Ak Bai-Tal by South East Ridge (FA ish), Alek & Vlad (~PD)
Kazalnitsa by North West Face, Vlad & Azwan (~AD)
North Face of Night Butterfly (2012 Route), Bradley & Alek (~TD)
Rock Horse, West Flank and Ridge (Variant of Polish Route), Azwan and Vlad (~PD)
Rock Horse, North Face (Kernan Gilmour Route), Ronan and Conor, (~TD)
(FA ish) Moonlight Arete by 1st Gully, Azwan & Alek, (~D)

All being well a few members of the expedition will be heading down to Al-Archa for a day before flying off home on the 9th. Stay tuned for the report (and more?).

Alek & Azwan.

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