Tuesday, 29 November 2011


So, in the interest of us all, you know, eating, I have created a little nutrient guide (which actually needs more data from past expeditions as to be a little more convincing- working on that), and an expedition nutrient calculator, which allows diets revolving around a few food items which work well in expeditiony circumstances to be planned. Most things we should be able to get over there, but I am informed that dried fruit over there might not be so good, and from my memory, soviet cheese is dire.


Now to go climb something.... Or eat something...

NB: The calculator is at -400Kcal with 0 food because when there is a link between energy balance and protein intake for which I have crudely accounted.

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  1. Loving the fact that everything drink wise is tea, tea, tea. Could we get hot chocolate from army ration packs as this stuff is really high energy stuff.
    Salami, choritzo, other fatty meats are essential and need to be taken in large quantities.
    We need some kind of water purification system to be used, even while on the glaciers.
    It has been researched that the rock dust from glacier streams will defiantly turn people sick if drunk in large quantities, therefore water filtration is essential.